R!OT x Alphabet Zoo
WordOnThe5treet is a collection of interactive (unsanctioned) Street art pieces, presented as ‘wheat paste ups’ in public locations all over the streets of Johannesburg. The project is the collaborative work of a group of artists; Sindiso 'R!OT' Nyoni, Isaac Zavale, Minenkulu Ngoyi and Zwelethu Machepha of Alphabet Zoo.
The pieces were created as screen-printed posters accompanied by a blank heart shaped speech bubble. The aim is to communicate directly with the public at large and the artists are prompting the public to locate these artworks, and engage with them by creating a message in the speech bubble shape that accompanies each poster. The messages may have socially relevant content, attract attention to a cause or merely be a form of "art provocation”, ultimately representing themes that are on the minds of everyday Joburgers.

“the South got somethin' to say!” - Andre 3000
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