Protect & Serve
Social commentary print.
This is a piece that comments on the sad state of affairs when it comes to the South African Police Service. For example, two high-ranking police commissioners have consecutively been axed due to their unlawful actions and the one currently serving has a murder charge among others. Recently there’s been an increase in reports against police for crimes ranging from assault and extortion to the raping of sex workers. The most appalling one though, has been what’s been termed as the “Lonmin Massacre”, where 34 Lonmin miners that were striking for better wages were gunned down by police on 16 August 2012. Is SA becoming a police state? I don't know, but this is how i "drew" my own conclusion.
The poster print is also part of the África Gráfica group exhibition. This is an Exhibition of African activist poster design, curated by spanish graphic designer/professor, Ofelio Serpa, which was a follow up to the successful social design exhibition "Agitators of conscience". This edition formed part of the 4th Tenerife Design Festival, which took place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary islands) from 11-14th October. The project highlights the work of 10 African designers and illustrators who's posters reflect on the forgotten continent. The collection of 20 social and political activist images is being exhibited at the Museum of Nature and Man (MNH) in Tenerife till November 2012.
Images courtesy of Ofelio Serpa.
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