Poster art for Twiggy Matiwana’s latest documentary short film:                                                          The Banishment- A Powerful ShEdow, which premiered at the REA BUA Critical Dialogue. 
A short documentary film about Mam' Winnie Madiikizela Mandela’s Banishment to Brandfort in 1977 Apartheid South Africa. The film focuses on her impact on the town as a medical social worker who harnessed her skills and expertise to subvert the State’s attempt to isolate her. And to illustrate how social workers and community activists became a critical part of the resistance movement.  The overall style reflects the gritty scene that emerged from the apartheid system placed in Winnie’s life. Using stock footage, news clips and headlines, the viewer is transported back to the burned out and abandoned buildings that dominated Brandfort, and poverty and lack of education and access to health.
Rough drafts i & ii
Official poster
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