Dutchmann Racing Poster Portfolio
 Indlovukazi yesivinini.
The Dutchmann Racing Poster Portfolio comprises a series of posters commissioned by Dutchmann to commemorate the redesign of a 1968 Porsche 912 "Weekend Racer" and its entry into the 2013 Kalahari Speed Week. The car comprises a contemporary interpretation of a classic Porsche 912 by a series of South African master craftsmen. Accordingly, ten designers (selected by Durban designer Warwick Kay) were briefed to create a contemporary interpretation of a classic racing poster to commemorate the event.
Bound in a handmade, cloth-lined Solander box, signed and individually editioned by Dutchmann, the Racing Poster Portfolio is priced at R3,500 ex Vat and limited to 30 copies. The chosen designers include Matt Kay, Paul Garbett, Clint Campbell, Joh Del, Kronk, Brandt Botes, Sindiso 'R!OT' Nyoni, Michael MacGarry, Skullboy and Warwick Kay.
This was my poster for the collection:
Title:  Indlovukazi yesivinini (Speed Queen)
Size: 594 x 841 mm
"The poster fuses Zulu/Ndebele pattern art, and traditional Nguni gear with retro racing gear, to suggest an Afrofuturist approach within a South African context".
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