Poster pieces that serve as commentaries about the social ill of gender based violence.
Title: The 'C' is for coward: Trash-Man
Rationale: Using a universal pop culture 'icon' that all boys (men) grew up relating to, the imagery plays on the notion that we are all accountable for this patriarchal world construct that has lent itself to the oppression of women on so many levels. We (males) all aspired to be 'Super Man' at some stage and have been conditioned to feel entitled to that 'power/strength' a man is accustomed to having. But in light of the ongoing atrocities unfolding daily, "evil' prevails when the 'good' say nothing". WE should all acknowledge that YES, there is a problem (crisis) with gender today and we must fix it, we must do better.
Title: Violence is for the weak...
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