Business And Arts South Africa Awards
Art Moves Me (Art Muses)
Illustrations commissioned by Breinstorm Brand Architects for The Business and Arts South Africa awards campaign 'Art Moves Me'. The campaign was designed to capture the role of the arts in people’s lives, and made its debut at the 17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, partnered by Hollard. An initiative of Business and Arts South Africa, #artMOVESme seeks to explore the value of the arts for both business and broader society, and will be ongoing after the awards took place on August 25th 2014.
The first part of the #artMOVESme campaign was a graffiti hoarding featuring these illustrations as screen printed 'wheat paste ups' which were inspired and informed by some of the categories featured in the awards ceremony. As a project of the 17th Annual Business Day BASA Awards, the #artMOVESme graffiti hoarding made  its initial appearance at Hollard’s Johannesburg offices on August 13th. There, staff and visitors were able to engage with the illustrations, using the pink 'Post-Its' that were also part of the hoarding to write about or illustrate how the arts impacts on their world.
The #artMOVESme graffiti hoarding moved to various public venues, marking the start of what is #artMOVESme’s ongoing aim: to enable everyone to have their say about the role that the arts plays in their lives
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