El Carnicero/ The Butcher
Pinatarama 2.0 Group Exhibition
Part of the Pinatarama 2.0 Group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, in association with Team-O and Vertigo Galeria. My character was made into a giant piñata alongside 39 other artists including Dr Alderete, Cecy Meade, Dave Gamez, Alberto Cerriteño, Junko Mizuno and more.

My piñata was inspired by the dilemma many African states have been faced with in the form of ruthless
power hungry dictators. The pinata is a satirical representation of African heads of state who have committed
atrocious crimes against humanity, hence the name 'The Butcher' / El Carnicero. With stolen votes stashed
in his apron, equipped with a cleaver in one hand, the piñata character serves as a commentary on how these
dictators have 'single handedly butchered' democracy in their respective countries.


Video and images courtesy of Vertigo Galeria
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